Sermon Series:  "Simple Truths"

The life of a Christ-follower is not easy, though it is quite simple...and it is the best way to live this one life we are given."  

This fall the sermon series is called the "3C",  with messages based on Commitment, Consistency and Character.  These three C's may not be glamorous, but they are the hallmarks which cause a life and church to shine brightly and leave a legacy that points to Christ.  

A Winters Journey Series by Donovan

Week 4:  The Journey Is Not Over  1.29,2017

"God-Dependence Day" by Donovan


"Clean Sweep" by Donavon


Sermon Series: "Words to Die By"

 by Donovan

If we knew death was imminent, if we were in deep agony, what would we say?  Consider Jesus' "near death" words and how they might apply to your life. 

"Wait'll Dad Sees That" by Donovan


"Faithful Friends" by MyraLee Duffy