This Way and That 1.6.19

What If by Mark Nicholson 2.3.19

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2,4,6,8 Who or What Do We Appreciate

Apprecations 10.21.18

The Little Things 10.28.18

"The Power of" Series -  This four week sermon series takes a look at the amazing impact and transformation we can experience through: story, pain, community and love.

The Power of Story 2.11.18

The Power of Pain 2.18.18

The Power of Community 2.25.18

The Power of Love 3.4.18

This is a 4 week sermon series that is a journey detailing the importance of the Church  and First Baptist Church in fulfilling God's kingdom plan in people's lives.  We will be challenged to consider:

1)  where church 'fits' in this one life we have been given

2) how we respond to God's lead in church involvement and direction

3) where FBC has come over the past two years

4) a prayerful look at where FBC is going as we move ahead togethe

1.7.2018 Church Matters

1.14.2018 Gospel Worthy

1.21.2018 Signs of the Past

1.28.2018 The Road Ahead